College Advising

Take the next step confidently


Dr. Havlick is a calming force in the College Admissions Process. 


His considerable experience and rapport with clients can bring the multitude of tasks and milestones into perspective.  His liberal use of humor helps to put students and families at ease.  It is helpful and reassuring for the applicant and their family to know what is important, and to act upon those tasks in a confident, prioritized fashion.

His focus, like most other college counselors, is to help high school students get into “the best” college for them.  What separates Joe from most others is his definition of “the best.”  He maintains that “the best” college is not necessarily a ranking or an admissions percentage, but instead it has to do with the fit with the applicant.


  • Does it emphasize the appropriate academics?
  • Is it in a region in which his client wishes to live?
  • Is his client comfortable on campus during their visit?o-COLLEGE-STUDENTS-ON-CAMPUS-facebook


In keeping with the theme of “best fit,” Dr. Havlick emphasizes the development of the student.  He believes that the most important part of the college application marketing plan is the student:  the product.  A great product sells itself.  Once this initial process is set into motion, Joe works with clients to target colleges that will best help them attain their education goals (the “best fit” schools) and helps them to devise a marketing strategy aimed at admission.







Joe’s 18 years of high school counseling in a wide range of high school environments have abundantly qualified him to help with the entire process of transition from adolescence to adulthood.  He has worked with students and their families looking at, among others, community college, art schools, and the most elite universities in the world.