Havlick Teaches at Haverford Township Adult School

Dr. Havlick began his 5-part series covering Sport/Performance Psychology tonight.  It will run biweekly.  The course takes Haverford Township residents through the basics:

304) Sports/Performance Psychology

Want to be the best you can be? The physical is only part of the battle. The mental edge in performance is critical. You can run faster, score more points, win your case, help your team win more games, hit the high notes, you name it! A person’s mental state plays an enormous role in performance success. The course will provide an overview of the essential ingredients for performance excellence. This course will cover the importance of goal setting, relaxation, visualization, establishment of routines, self-talk and achieving flow.
Instructor: Joseph T. Havlick, Ph.D., Sports Psychology; coach and lifetime athlete.

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