You want to be your best


…and there are many ways to get there…


Dr. Havlick focuses on a few inter-related disciplines to help clients experience life to it’s fullest:



1.  Sport Psychology – Joe’s Ph.D. is in this area and he has a large client base here:  all sports and ages.

2.  Mindfulness Training – Joe has a dedicated practice of meditation that he offers to all of his clients.

3.  Tutoring – Joe works with students of all ages regarding not only a wide range of subjects, but skills common to all subjects, like organization and goal-setting.

4.  Anxiety Reduction – General treatment, but specific expertise in test anxiety reduction (see below)

5.  College Counseling – An expert with over 20 years of experience in the process.




Given Joe’s skill and experience bases, he is particularly well-suited to help two important niches:


1.  The high school athlete who expects to play at college.  Not only can Dr. Havlick work with a scholar-athlete’s game, but he can then seamlessly advise regarding the academic and athletic transition to post-secondary life.  The application process, recruiting process, and NCAA regulations are all areas of specific expertise.





2.  Standardized Test-takers suffering from performance anxiety.  Taking the SAT’s (or ACT’s) is one of the most stress-inducing events in a young person’s life.  Many students want to excel at these high-stakes assessments and pressure themselves into low scores.  Joe’s training in the appropriate and effective handling of stress, along with his familiarity with the college process, put him in a unique position to help. If you want to perform at the highest level, make Joseph T. Havlick, Ph.D. your personal guide or part of your larger success team.